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Avis Flugzeug Krickl HollinekÖsterreichische Technik-Geschichte Band 1:

Das erste Großflugzeug made in Austria

Die Flugzeuge der "Avis" Flugzeug- und Autowerke

by Dr. Robert Krickl (2012)

Verlag Brüder Hollinek (ISBN 978-3-85119-329-9)

German, 272 pages, hardcover, many images

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Austria has a long and interesting history in terms of aviation – however, many outstanding achievements sank into oblivion. This also includes the story of the "Avis" works, which caused a sensation in the interwar period. At their factory site in Brunn am Gebirge (District Moedling, Lower Austria), not only several types of school and sport planes were built, but also the first Austrian large passenger aircraft – which furthermore still holds the title of the only three-engined aircraft produced in this republic. Throughout the world, journals reported about the sensational aircrafts from the “Thermenregion” (a region famous for its hot springs and marvellous wine), which were then transferred to their home base at the famous Aspern aerodrome in Vienna. This was the place they started several spectacular adventures. The reputation was so excellent and far-reaching that even student pilots from very far away countries came here to be trained as pilots in the prestigious flight school of the company! Airmail transport, operations for the military, development of engines, ... and many more things were operated while the company was preparing to become a global player in the just-establishing international air traffic. Despite the technical success, their plan finally failed due to the political and economic situation in the First Republic.
Extensive research and interviews with the last living eyewitnesses provided many new discoveries that now reveal the company and its time in a very different light than before. By involving the contemporary history and environment, the book also offers a lot of interesting information on many other topics (see below). For the first time, the comprehensive history of several Fokker aircrafts which were operated by “Avis” (including a global unique) is treated in detail , also yielding many brand new stunning results. Come and join an exciting journey to the dawn of aviation!

The book yiels brand new information on:

» Vienna aerodrome at Aspern
» Pioneering era of civil aviation
» Austrian aircraft production
» Fokker aeroplanes
» Airmail
» Interwar period
» Beginning of Hungarian airlines
» ...


The Author

After finishing his PhD in material sciences, Dr. Robert Krickl (born 1981) wholeheartedly dedicated himself to science communication. Being self employed , he is breaking new ground in terms of innovative multimedia presentations, events, interactive exhibitions,... to bring the fascination about science, nature and technology to everyone (from kindergarten children to retirees) in a sound, easily understandable but entertaining way. With the above mentioned book about airplanes which were once built in his hometown located at the the border of Vienna / Lower Austria, he wants to start a series which makes special chapters of technologic history available to the public. For more information, visit

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